Last year was a very bad year for us and others like us. Though we are in the e-commerce industry, our products are more skewed towards the home improvement and home furnishing discretionary purchase of our target audience and leads with intent to purchase.

This year I want to try…

The thing that I see more than retargeted ads…

Crazy week last week with GME hitting $420 giving it a 600% gain at a point in time and retracing back to $325 when closing on Friday.

AMC was another hot stock that hit a 470% gain as well as retail investors goes to war against hedge funds that shorted…

Biden sworn in as the President of the United States

Market Movement

S&P and Nasdaq 100 recovered from the swing low which rested on EMA 50 as a dynamic support with Biden and Vice President being sword in officially as the President and Vice-President of the United States.

We are likely to continue to see upwards movement in the market as the…

As the markets retraced this week due to some news of US government I am also adjusting my trading portfolio.

Futu Holdings Ltd (NASDAQ: FUTU)

Sold all my futu holdings as it hits my bullish flag formation and as I see a shooting star formation with a good volume profile.

On hindsight, this looks like…

Dominic Heng

learning how to be a good CEO @Bacoustix. alum @creditsuisse, bad trader trying to improve his edge.

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